[3.3.2] doubts about RigidDynamic & Controller


First, what i want to do ~

  • Make a character/player ( capsule ), and get it moving over an heightfield terrain.

Second, before start, should mention about I am not good with physics (this is my starting point), so i keep trying to understand how it works.

I was testing the Controller module and i dont know whats the correct way to apply gravity forces, this should be posible by using the method move, this one supposed to be ok, but, for example why i must manage it manually, if the rigidbody is automatically applied, is there a different way to apply it without doing so obfuscated?

And about the RigidDynamic module, is a good option at the moment, because it applies the gravity and blah. but, i am not able to lock the capsule axis rotations, except for the one which i should rotate the character/player( up-vector / Y ).

Can someone explain me what im doing wrong, or if im on the bad way to do that?

~ i do not paste code because dont want a code-solution, wanna understand.


See the ‘Sample bridges’ scene in the PhysX samples. The character controller is kinematic, not fully dynamic, because fully dynamic character controllers suffer from too many artifacts where the designer loses control over the character’s motion. Most games use a kinematic character controller based on raycasts or other scene query collision detection with the world.

Hi again,
I can not figure out where are the applied forces in the character at whole ‘bridges project’, there are to many things at that project which make it a bit dificult to track like Render, generic actor creations, plus many other modules.

  • I should use a PxController, to be clear, i cant use dynamics over this module?
    the PxController physics must be managed manually?
  • for example, it is posible to use addForce/addTorque over PxController instead of increment manually a velocity vector?

The character controller is kinematic, not dynamic, so no, adding forces and torques won’t do much as far as I know.