32-bit libraries do not install on 64-bit Linux Mint 15

When I go to install the 331.20 drivers under Linux Mint 15 I get the following.

Installing both new and classic TLS OpenGL libraries.
-> Installing classic TLS 32bit OpenGL libraries.
-> Install NVIDIA’s 32-bit compatibility libraries? (Answer: Yes)
-> The NVIDIA 32-bit compatibility libraries are to be installed relative to the top-level prefix (chroot) ‘/emul/ia32-linux’; however, this directory does not exist. Please consult your distribution’s documentation to confirm the correct top-level installation prefix for 32-bit compatiblity libraries.

Do you wish to install the NVIDIA 32-bit compatibility libraries anyway? (Answer: Yes)

The directory /emul/ia32-linux folder does exist so I’m not sure if it is another folder being refferred to here. At any rate installation continues on and Linux 64-bit Mint 15/Cinnamon seems to be running without issue.

When I launch Steam it complains that LibGl (not the exact filename, this is from memory) is missing. There is a file by that name under /emul/ia32-linux.

Wine runs but has issues. The window contents will intermittently disappear leaving the window frame with the desktop showing through. Dragging the window frame will bring window contents back until it happens again. It appears that as the desktop is redrawn the window is not completed.

How can I successfully get these libraries installed? And if they are there how can I get the system to use the correct ones?

Is this issue resolved for you?