[390.143] eglCreatePlatformWindowSurface causes bogus EGL_BAD_DISPLAY error

XScreenSaver 6.0 uses this, so all GL hacks are broken on that driver.
Simply switching to eglCreateWindowSurface works and there’re no errors around the bogus function call.

There’s no error w/ the MESA implementation. 46xxx status unknown.

I don’t expect the XSS author to work around this (at least not long term) and also the bug is, by all evidence - not sure about client spec violations but BAD_DISPLAY is weird, in the EGL library and should be fixed there for all client code.


Archlinux bug: FS#71123 : [xscreensaver] GL hacks broken on (older?) nvidia drivers
Forum thread: xscreensaver coredump for all screensavers / Newbie Corner / Arch Linux Forums
XSS bug report and communication by PM, so no link - sorry.