3D Max GPU rendering with nVidia Mental Ray

Hi! On work, we are trying to make a video in 3D Max with nVidia mental ray. We want to improve production times and we investigate about the renderings on 3D Max. Most of them uses CPU by default and we wanted to use GPU.

I see this page: https://blog.mentalray.com/2014/07/07/mental-rays-gpu-accelerated-gi-engine-prototype/ but we are not noticing any performance improvement. We are using GTX 970 for testing it and we are not using Global illumination. Its about 11 minutes to take the render.

I saw many videos of GPU rendering but most of them uses IRay and Quadro tecnologies. I wonder if its necessary a Quadro GPU to notices the improvement or may be the IRay is the key.

I am very noob in this terms.
Thank you

NVIDIA Mental Ray is discussed on a different forum site.


Please go there for more information on Mental Ray.

Iray is pretty fast render engine for me, but be aware that some of texture maps does not work with Iray, such as “Multi Sub Map”. I did not have any ram issue but if you have to much meshes into your sceeen, you may not able to render via GPU. I love I ray lighting solutions. Only they have to improve “Maps”. We Kibrit Creative Solutions as a 3D Animation Company, use Iray for render engine for many years. We invested on GPU Render Farm. 1080 Ti gives amazing fast result.