3D printing failure detection used by hundreds of Jetson Nano fans

The Spaghetti Detective is an open-source project (500+ stars on github) used by hundreds of Jetson Nano fans who are also 3D printing enthusiasts.

Under the hood, The Spaghetti Detective is based on a Convolutional Neural Network architecture called YOLO. It is essentially a super-fast objection-detection model.

The Spaghetti Detective (disclaimer: I’m the developer of this project) was initially created to run on a general-purpose PC for personal use, or Nvidian GPU VMs in the cloud. But more and more users have told me Jetson Nano is a perfect fit for this project. Some users are monitoring 5+ 3D printers at the same time with just 1 Jetson Nano. As a reference, I’m monitoring 10k+ 3D printers for our users with a few GPU VMs in the cloud.

Inspired by the fact that every day there are a few users who asked me about running The Spaghetti Detective on a Jetson Nano, I recently published this guide.

Feel free to ask me any questions about this project.

Edit: An example below. Here are more examples.
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Kenneth Jiang
Developer of The Spaghetti Detective


I found your project a while back but I got this error: “ERROR: Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement corsheaders (from versions: none)
ERROR: No matching distribution found for corsheaders”. Do you know what was the problem?

Hi @kenneth.jiang ,

Great project , congratulations.

Thanks! @ozguryildiz

Strange. Not sure I have seen this error before. Can you run the command:

docker-compose exec web bash
pip list

and post the output on the console here?

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Screen Shot 2021-06-14 at 3.08.17 PM
this is what I got. doesn’t seem I did it right…

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Oh you need to press the “enter” key after “pip list” command.

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ah sorry I’m not good at Linux here is what I have:

sh-3.2$ docker-compose exec web bash
bash-5.1# pip list
Package Version

aioredis 1.3.1
amqp 2.6.1
asgiref 3.2.10
async-timeout 3.0.1
attrs 21.2.0
authy 2.2.3
autobahn 21.3.1
Automat 20.2.0
backcall 0.2.0
backoff 1.10.0
bson 0.5.10
CacheControl 0.12.6
cachetools 4.2.2
celery 4.4.7
certifi 2021.5.30
cffi 1.14.5
channels 2.4.0
channels-redis 3.0.1
chardet 4.0.0
constantly 15.1.0
cryptography 3.4.7
daphne 2.5.0
decorator 5.0.9
defusedxml 0.7.1
discord-webhook 0.8.0
dj-database-url 0.5.0
Django 2.2.10
django-allauth 0.44.0
django-bootstrap-pagination 1.7.0
django-channels-presence 1.0.0
django-compat 1.0.15
django-jstemplate 1.3.8
django-qr-code 1.2.0
django-safedelete 0.5.1
django-settings-export 1.2.1
django-simple-history 2.7.0
django-webpack-loader 0.7.0
django-widget-tweaks 1.4.3
djangorestframework 3.9.1
firebase-admin 4.4.0
google-api-core 1.29.0
google-api-python-client 2.7.0
google-auth 1.30.1
google-auth-httplib2 0.1.0
google-cloud-core 1.6.0
google-cloud-firestore 2.1.1
google-cloud-storage 1.38.0
google-crc32c 1.1.2
google-resumable-media 1.3.0
googleapis-common-protos 1.53.0
grpcio 1.38.0
gunicorn 19.9.0
hiredis 2.0.0
httplib2 0.19.1
hyperlink 21.0.0
idna 2.10
importlib-metadata 4.5.0
incremental 21.3.0
ipdb 0.13.9
ipython 7.24.1
ipython-genutils 0.2.0
jedi 0.18.0
jsonfield 2.0.2
kombu 4.6.11
matplotlib-inline 0.1.2
msgpack 1.0.2
oauth2client 4.1.3
oauthlib 3.1.1
packaging 20.9
parso 0.8.2
pexpect 4.8.0
phonenumbers 8.10.5
pickleshare 0.7.5
Pillow 5.4.1
pip 21.1.2
prompt-toolkit 3.0.18
proto-plus 1.18.1
protobuf 3.17.2
psycopg2 2.7.7
ptyprocess 0.7.0
pushbullet.py 0.11.0
pyasn1 0.4.8
pyasn1-modules 0.2.8
pycparser 2.20
Pygments 2.9.0
PyJWT 1.7.1
pyOpenSSL 20.0.1
pyparsing 2.4.7
PySocks 1.7.1
pyTelegramBotAPI 3.6.6
python-dateutil 2.8.1
python-magic 0.4.24
python3-openid 3.2.0
pytz 2021.1
qrcode 6.1
raven 6.10.0
redis 3.2.0
requests 2.25.1
requests-oauthlib 1.3.0
rsa 4.7.2
service-identity 21.1.0
setuptools 57.0.0
simplejson 3.17.2
six 1.16.0
sqlparse 0.4.1
toml 0.10.2
traitlets 5.0.5
twilio 6.24.1
Twisted 21.2.0
txaio 21.2.1
uritemplate 3.0.1
urllib3 1.26.5
vine 1.3.0
wcwidth 0.2.5
websocket-client 1.0.1
wheel 0.36.2
whitenoise 4.1.2
zipp 3.4.1
zope.interface 4.7.2

Sorry for the delay!

It does look like some python modules are missing from your installation. I’m wondering if you have an older version of the code that happens to be broken.

Is your code up to date with the laste in our github repo? If you are not sure, you follow these instructions to make sure it’s up to date: GitHub - TheSpaghettiDetective/TheSpaghettiDetective: AI-based failure detection for 3D printer remote management and monitoring.

Let me know how it goes.

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hey it worked! thank you so much for the help, and this awesome project!

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Glad to know that!

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