404 when attempting to download image

I am getting a error 404 when I attempt to download the latest Jetson SD card image from developer.nvidia.com. Is this a known issue?


Hi @lordiradin, sorry about that - we are working to resolve the issue asap.


This error occurs for BSP packages as well.

Thank you, yes there are issues with a number of the downloads at the moment - our apologies for the trouble.

Is there any ETA on the fix or potentially a working mirror?

Not currently, sorry - it’s working on being restored as we speak.

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Has there been any update on this? I have a project that is dead in the water until I can get access to these images. I am willing to explore other options if there is some workaround or alternative method to getting a Jetson setup.


Maybe someone can put an image for Jetson Nano 2gb to google drive? Pls

Here’s a temporary mirror of the JetPack 4.6.1 SD card images for Jetson Nano 2GB/4GB:

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hello dusty_nv,

Is it possible to have a mirror for these files too?

Thank you a lot!

I’m sorry, those I do not personally have locally. Hope they will be back up soon - our apologies for the delay.

I understand. Thank you anyway :-)

Hi Dusty,

Do you happen to have the 32.7.1 bsp local?



Sorry, I do not

Thanks Dusty. I was able to download both of these. Appreciate the work around!

OK great - yea, the downloads should be back up now. I have taken down the temp mirror of the SD card images on box.com

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