A roadmap for Deepstream on Jetson

Hi guys

I know it doesn’t fully depend on developers, and I also know (or at least imagine) how hard is it to create a unified Deepstream SDK that works on both Tesla and Jetson. However, in the past GTC, I was told to expect a deepstream 3.0 release for Jetson around the end of the year.

We have now almost reached mid December and no update seems coming. On the opposite, in many answer I can see that there are no timelines for the release. This is confusing, and makes me wonder if I can trust the availability of this SDK in the next weeks.

Can you share with us an update of where we are? A tentative release date plan would really be appreciated at this point.

Thank you very much and thanks for your work

Hi benelgiac,

May I know which platform you’re using on developing projects?


Mainly TX2, but we already own a Xavier. Would be nice to know if deepstream will leverage the NVDLA of Xavier too. Thanks!

Hi benelgiac

DeepStream 3.0 on Jetson AGX Xavier will be available for download in January.
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Ok, but what about TX2?

Hi benelgiac,

The current priority is to release the DeepStream SDK for Xavier in Jan/2019, and the support for TX2 will be ready afterward, however can’t provide the clear schedule now but should be in Q1.