A2F 3DS Max - Workflow

I’m trying A2F and it seem to be a very powerfull software but, I can’t find any 3Ds Max workflow information anywhere! Is there anyhting about 3Ds Max workflow, from export to A2F, work in A2F and re-import in 3Ds Max?
I was able to export a Maya Cache that I import in Point Cache modifier but you cannot use morpher on this.
I did Google research any find nothing about 3Ds Max workflow.
Any help?

You can export and import to/from Audio2Face using Pixar’s OpenUSD file format.

I haven’t touched 3Ds Max for a long while, but I think it can support USD format. You can also install the 3DsMax Connector from Launcher. This is usually a plugin that adds support for USD, in case it doesn’t already support it.

You can then export your character from 3DsMax as USD, open it in A2F, setup character transfer, generate blendShapes (morphs), generate blendShape weights as JSON or cache as USD and send back to Max. You might need to script a little if you export weights as JSON.