About clone image from ORIN-KIT to Orin-Module

when i use command “flash.sh -r” in L4T to clone image, from ORIN-KIT to Orin-Standard-Module (orin 8 cores, 32GB, 200T). i got some different errors, one Module can’t boot in Linux, and the other one cannot connect network. but the same image clone to ORIN-KIT-SOM, it works well.
so my question is what’s the differences from ORIN-KIT-SOM and Orin-Standard-Module?

hello liu.jialu,

here show the details of the difference, Jetson Orin, Specifications.

you may also check flash configuration for comparison, for example, it’ll use different device tree, different command-line options, emmc configuration file…etc. to burn the target.

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