Access denied posting code

I am getting an access denied message trying to post the C version of my code in this thread:

I can make a simple post, but if i try to paste some code it’s “access denied”.

If I post the same code here, I get access denied as well. Broken parser maybe? I can email the code.

test code block without c code


I have seen this happen here before in the forums. It is most likely the web application firewall blocking the code for some reason and not an issue with the forums.


I suspect you’re right. I can’t seem to PM you the code either, although I get no error. I will paste the code on pastebin or something.

So here is the code that did it:

Sorry for the inconvenience.


No worries. Hopefully you get it figured out. I’d love to know what triggered your firewall it in my code.

I had the same issue again just now with some completely separate nvidia sample code. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Let me know if this happens again. I am not getting any other complaints outside of this thread, but I want to make sure it is not becoming a bigger issue here.


I’m still getting it. I can’t even read the forum now from my other browser session. I’m half afraid I’ll get locked out of this one.

Here is the error message i get when even trying to read the forum:

Here is the post I was trying to post which seems to have triggered the firewall:

I just made a change to your account. Please try again.

Still getting it, unfortunately. Even trying to read the forum.

Incident ID: 523001490526965086-393938613786315090 (and probably some others since I refreshed a few times)

I will try clearing cookies and seeing if that fixes it, since it’s working from one browser session but not another.

Clearing the cookies worked, but it really shouldn’t have :/

Thanks for your help in any case. Hopefully you get the bugs ironed out.

Can you email me the text? I will test this from my account.

See your private message inbox for my address.


Unfortunately I accidentally cleared it out of my paste buffer. I should have copied it into notepad or something. I’ll try retyping it (i type fast) and if I can replicate it, i’ll email it.

edit: done. replicated. sent

Incident ID of block: 523001490529157976-570080196167403860