Accessing Audio2face with Python


I have been recently working with the Omniverse python extension API, and I’m having trouble finding any documentation on how to access Audio2face through python.

I’m currently trying to create an a2f pipeline, load an audio file into it, and control the player with a custom python extension. (This will be part of a larger project but I’m just concerned with this for now)

I’ve tried import omni.audio2face.core in my own file, but I’m not sure how to proceed as I can’t seem to access any methods through that module.

Currently, I’m running this as an extension loaded through the extensions window in the audio2face application if that helps.

thanks :)

Hi @parkhands. Let me check with the dev team to see what API we have available.

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Hi @parkhands, welcome to Audio2Face.

Unfortunately we don’t provide Python API at the moment. We are focussing on providing a complete features for audio-driven facial animation through the UI and App first.
Seems like you already tried some extension on top of the audio2face. A large part of the audio2face is written in python, so you can check the code in the install directory and see what you can add from there.

We don’t have an official API, but if you are familiar with Python, you can look at a lot of the code that comes with A2F. And you can access them and customize on top if you like. A good part of the app, player and other parts are written in Python. Feel free to modify and give it a try

We will consider a Python API going forward if there are enough demands for it.

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