Add new class in Primary Detector NVIDIA deepstream sdk

Hello, I am new to the Deep Stream SDK, My problems are :

  1. I want to add new class for detection in Primary_Detector(nvidia deepstream sdk) and also want to build my own classifier like Secondary_CarColor Secondary_CarMake like that so how do I can add new class and train detection and classification model incrementally.

  2. I have pnet.caffe rnet.caffe onet.caffe and that is i am using for head detection is there any way to convert this model into deep stream weights like .caffemodel and .engine file because i want to run my detection model on NVIDIA deep stream sdk.

Please help me out Thanks in advanced.

For adding new class, you can refer
For 2nd problem, NVIDIA does not own the 3rd-party model conversion.

Regarding caffe to tensorrt please see

Caffe parser:


Hi eyal.enav,

Thanks for sharing!