Add new custom icon and labels with some action - using python code


 I have developed a custom app using the kit app template as a base. In this app, all I do is open the viewport window, load a payload (my usd for a plant model). Once the model is loaded in the viewport , I want to add camera icons at couple of locations in the plant model. How do I add that using the python code?
Secondly, upon clicking the camera icon, I want to stream a video from the Amazon Kinesis Video stream application (I already have the video uploaded to the stream) and play the video within the viewport. Need help on this with python scripting

Lastly, I want to add labels at couple of locations in the plant model and upon clicking the labels, I want to display the work instructions (essentially, the label click should call a URL for a pdf document and pop up that document within the viewport.

Appreciate if anyone can help with the python code for achieving the above

Hi @kalyan.guda. I would start by looking at omni.ui. Scene API. You can use this to place icon/widgets directly into the 3D scene that you can interact with: Overview — omni.ui.scene 1.6.0 documentation