Adjust camera orientation in Isaac Sim for correct view of pointcloud in rviz

Hi, I created a realsense camera in isaac, but there is the problem that the orientation in rviz is wrong for the pointcloud. All other rgb camera images are correct. The Problem appears only when i want to publish depth_pcl information. What can I do that the camera orientation for the pointcloud is correct in rviz?
Below are some images:

Hi there, can you check if the USD to ROS camera camera convention helps (180 deg on X axis):

Otherwise it could be that the point clouds are in world frame and you want them in camera frame, or the other way around. Can you provide a snippet on how you access the data?

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Hi, thank you for your response. Sadly it doesn’t work to adjust the deg on the X-axis. Probably you are right that the problem lays in the world/camera frame. I want the point clouds to be in the world frame, thats why I have created a TF-Tree for all my sensors. I have just seen that I can’t see the point clouds in the world frame, I see them only in the camera frame (as the figure above shows). All the other Sensors are accessible in the world frame. Do you know the reason for this?

How do you access the pointcloud data?

If you are using the pointcloud annotator directly you should have the data in world frame.

At the moment I have just created an Action Graph with ROS2 Camera Helper and set type to depth_pcl like it is explained in this tutorial: 7.2.3. ROS2 Cameras — Omniverse IsaacSim latest documentation

Now I wanted to publish point cloud from depth images like it is done in 7.2.4. Publishing Camera’s Data — Omniverse IsaacSim latest documentation but get the name error which says that my cameras name is not defined. Do you know whats the reason for this? Thank you very much for your support

Facing the same issue. @rthaker , can you have a look at this issue and can confirm whether its the placement of depth sensor within the prim is wrong? Also noticed that by default the prim is loading facing -X direction.

Hi @vyachu07 - @ahaidu is OOTO at the moment, once he’s back, I will request him to prioritize this post. Sorry for any inconvenience.