All materials are completely gone!

Hi, everyone I need URGENT help if possible since I’m working on a project, was nearly done and all materials in hypershade are gone!

I was working on the project normally for weeks but had a lot of crashes and dump errors from omniverse maya connector.
I decided to uninstall it since crashes would occur often. Next day when I opened my scene not a single material was applied to my models and hypershade was completely empty (only base materials and shaders were there).

Installed maya connector back but still no luck…please if anyone can help me I have no idea what happened and weeks of work are gonne.

Hi djani, @djani.persic
This is a strange issue. Can you upload your Maya sample and let us debug it?

@djani.persic A couple more things would be helpful.
The version of Maya, version of Maya connector would be handy. If you did have dump files or script warning, those will be really helpful for us to debug this.