Amazon Linux 2 AMI for CUDA 10.1 Toolkit

In Amazon AMI Marketplace we have “NVIDIA CUDA Toolkit 7.5 on Amazon Linux” (Updated: 9/26/16).

Can someone at NVidia please create a valid Amazon AMI for NVIDIA CUDA Toolkit 10.1 on Amazon Linux?

Really want to start using the 10.1 toolkit on AWS.

Amazon support say that NVidia needs to do this.

What are others doing for CUDA work on Linux? With Amazon EC2 instances for Linux with NVidia GPU being charged per second, this is a very cost effective route if I can just get it working.

Thank you

This is just extremely frustrating!


cat /etc/os-release
NAME=“Amazon Linux”
ID_LIKE=“centos rhel fedora”
PRETTY_NAME=“Amazon Linux 2”

So which Target platform to use for the “CUDA Toolkit 10.1 Update 1 Download”?

Since NVidia provided an AMI in the past (for toolkit 9) why can they not make life easier for us and put a toolkit 10 AMI and toolkit 10.1 AMI in the Amazon AWS Marketplace?

Instead we have to waste our time with Amazon support (who say it is an NVidia issue).

So far tried 10.1 on Ubuntu 18.04.02 and run into this problem

How many more attempts do I have to try?

As far as I know, the only maintained (by NVIDIA) AMI is here:

The 19.03 version of the AMI contains a R418 driver so it should be usable with CUDA 10.1. I don’t know if it supports 10.1 Update 1. It is tested on P3 instance types. And yes, it is not Amazon Linux.

If you want to install CUDA 10.1 on it (not 10.1 update 1) then it should be a straightforward matter of using either a runfile installer or the deb installer method, following the instructions given in the linux install guide. However deselect the option to install the GPU driver. The method to deselect this option varies whether you are using package manager or runfile installer.