Analysing my CUDA Kernel on Fedora 10


I want to analyse my CUDA kernel. Basically, I would like to check the values generated by some parameters in my kernel, that too block wise. For example, I would like to know what values are calculated by say threadIdx.x=67, in block 3 and so on. Any helpful tool for this.

Thank you very much

There is a source level debugger, cuda-gdb, supplied in all recent versions of the CUDA toolkits for Linux.

For windows you can use Nexus, linux has a cuda-gdb.

Other than that (for release mode - i.e. run on the GPU) I usually use something like this (fastest and ugliest :) ):

__gloabl__ void MyKernel(....)




   if ( ( blockIdx.x == 3 ) && ( threadIdx.x == 67 )


		pDummyOutput[ 0 ] = fSomeValue;

		pDummyOutput[ 1 ] = fSomeOtherValue;






And then on the host code, copy the pDummyOutput and print the values.

Fastest and ugliest ;)


Thanks a lot for your replies!

Could you tell me do I need to pass “pDummyOutput” as one of the parameters in the kernel call in my host code like:

float cudaMalloc((void ** ) pDummyOutput....);

MyKernel<<< ....>>> ( pDummyOutput, x, y , etc );

Yes ofcourse :)

Pass the dummy output and once the kernel is over - copy it to a host array and just print it.

Thanks. This is a very simple and straight forward way…Thanks once again :yes: