Any hard reset tools available? gpu is hung and remote desktop reboot fails

I am running the application. The 9800gtx+ is hanging periodically and in debugging the problem I moved it from an AMD64 platform to an Intel64 platform. It is still hanging even after underclocking. The symptom is that after finishing a work unit, it periodically fails to iniitiaize. When this happens I need to turn the power off and on. A Windows (vista 64) restart does not work and leaves the GPU still hung.

Nvidia “performance” and “monitor” show no gpu and most objects are missing from their menus. PowerStrip show “-” for clock speeds and clicking “apply” for factory settings does not work as the clocks go back to “-” after the apply.

Anyway, I have a remote desktop to the system and was wondering if there is some way or tool I can use to cause a hard reset to the GPU. I have downloaded the toolkit, SDK, driver 178.08 (i have 178.24 maybe should use 08??) I am a Visual Studio 2008 type developer and not into CUDA yet, but possibly there is some tool I can use to issue a reset?

Both mombos had onboard video, ATI XL and Intel Pineview. The graphics board (SVGA) display works fine, but the CUDA application is hung. I have no games to try out but dxdiag show no acceleration present, but otherwise no problem (no errors).


I’ve seen similar behavior in linux, but only from buggy CUDA programs that randomly write to unallocated memory regions (hard power down/boot after every test makes for fun debugging :) ). I attributed the problem to some memory needed by the driver being overwritten by the CUDA prog: memory that is apparently not cleared/initialized on a soft boot and can only be fixed by a hard power down.

I’m not aware of any tools to perform such a hard reset without powering down. I haven’t seen this behavior since I fixed the bugs in my code that led to the out of bounds memory writes (at least 8 months ago).