Any major issue if using C# for developing holodscan application

Is there any success story using C# (.NET) to build a medical imaging application based on the Holoscan SDK?

I am aware that Holoscan SDK does support C++ and Python.

since my existing software engineers are based on C# skillsets, there is a roadmap for having our medical imaging application cross-platform, supporting both embedded Nvidia IGX devices and Nvidia AI microservices in the cloud.

if my team decides to use C# to develop Holoscan, what are the potential challenges, risks, and disadvantages to take note of?

I am exploring dotnet’s c++/CLI to call holoscan c++ SDK.

have you heard of any open-source project or success store that is using a similar approach? I would like to connect to other developers and learn any major issues and limitations that Holoscan may not work properly.

please kindly advise!