Anybody ever run OpenPilot ( on Jetson nano?

just interested in running OpenPilot on JetBot and see how it performs ?!


hey, @ychinwang. Did you actually go ahead and try running OpenPilot on Jetbot? If so will let me know how did you do it?

Although i found this video on YouTube, I dont know which jetson model is he using to run it.


I’ve been working on getting openpilot running on a Jetson Nano for the past week, and I’ve been documenting my progress within the Chevy Bolt wiki over on the openpilot github:

I got to the point of possibly having all the dependencies installed, but run into a cryptic error deep into compiling openpilot, so I’m now revisiting the dependencies. If there are other’s interested in the endeavor I would very much appreciate some more brains working on this to hack through it.

EDIT: My exasperation has led to some newly inspired google search methods, and it may not be too difficult to contact Gernby (the one who posted the video) for some more information.


Hi Justine (and the community), thanks for trying to port OpenPilot to Jetson. I have both the Nano and the new NX, and would like to give it a go. I upgraded Jetson Nano to 20.04 today since OpenPilot is now on 20.04. Do you have any build notes/tips you can share? Thanks for reading.