anyone using tensorrt inference server with server built on xavier ?

I am trying to build the tensorrt inference server from source on jetson xavier. But there occurs an error saying “exec format error”:

Sending build context to Docker daemon 6.307MB
Step 1/78 : ARG
Step 2/78 : ARG
Step 3/78 : ARG
Step 4/78 : FROM ${PYTORCH_IMAGE} AS trtserver_caffe2
19.05-py3: Pulling from nvidia/pytorch
Digest: sha256:6614fa29720fc253bcb0e99c29af2f93caff16976661f241ec5ed5cf08e7c010
Status: Image is up to date for
—> 7e98758d4777
Step 5/78 : COPY src/servables/caffe2/netdef_bundle_c2.* /opt/pytorch/pytorch/caffe2/core/
—> Using cache
—> b3fd7653b7a4
Step 6/78 : WORKDIR /opt/pytorch
—> Using cache
—> 091fb04f5fd9
Step 7/78 : RUN pip uninstall -y torch
—> Running in a2ec119d0477
standard_init_linux.go:190: exec user process caused “exec format error”

what causes this error? I am wondering if tensorrt inference server can be built on jetson xavier?

xavier is setup with jetpack 4.2.