API mismatch after installing CUDA7.5 on Ubuntu14.04

I am trying to install the new Cuda library, but I am completely stuck.
I am using the cuda_7.5.18_linux.run installer, and if I try not to install nvidia drivers I get a “Warning: Incomplete installation” and the warning tells me I need to install at least a 352.00 driver.
However, I have already installed the 352.79 version of the driver.

On the contrary, if I say “yes” when I am asked if I want to install also the nvidia driver, I get an API mismatch and I get only a black screen, and I need to log in remotely or reboot the system.

Any suggestions?

Ignore the warning. If you have a 352.79 driver installed already, you can install the CUDA 7.5 toolkit and skip the driver install. It should work fine.