Applying Gaussian Blur on the respective frame

Hi I’m running a custom YoloV3 face detection model by using the Yolo App(objectDetector_Yolo) that comes with the deepstream SDK container and wanted to apply Gaussian blur on the respective face detected on a frame. Is there somehow I could get access to the image frame so that I could pixelate the face detected ROI.

There is this osd header file ‘deepstream_osd.h’ that contains some structs ‘NvDsOSDConfig’ and ‘NvDsOSDBin’ but I don’t see where the actual frame is so I can apply the obfuscation on it.

Is it at Gstreamer level. How can I get access to the respective image frames?

Yes there is this app ‘’ but it only makes a patch on the frame through a plugin. I want to apply Gaussian kernel on the image for that I need to get the hold of the image.

Please insert dsexample into your pipline. You may refer to