Assign 1 GPU to 3 Vm's

Hi, I have Setup the Dell Poweredge R720
2 x Xeon E5-2680 8 Core with Total 32 Cores
128 GB ECC Ram
RAID1 2 x 500 SAS Drives for vSphere
RAID 10 4 x 1TB SSD for the VM’s
1 x Nvidia Quadro M5000 Card

Each VM is
Windows 10 Pro
6 Cores
16 GB Ram
250 SSD Storage

I Assign the PCIe as M5000 and it’s working fine but I can only run 1 VM at a time with the M5000 as soon as I try to run the other 2 VM’s I get the error

Power On VM
Key: haTask-12-vim.VirtualMachine.powerOn-538978948
Description: Power On this virtual machine
Virtual machine: Win10-2
State: Failed - Module ‘DevicePowerOn’ power on failed.
Module ‘DevicePowerOn’ power on failed.
Device 66:0.0 is already in use.
Failed to start the virtual machine.

And what is the question? For sure you can only run GPU Passthrough with a single VM.
For everything else you would need vGPU which requires specific Tesla GPUs like Tesla T4.


As Simon mentions, this is the expected and correct behaviour for this GPU.

The only Quadro GPUs that support virtualisation / vGPU are the RTX 6000 and RTX 8000.

Depending on your Applications and use case, what you could do is build a single RDSH VM, run the GPU in Passthrough and have your 3 (or more) users share the GPU like that.



can i add two frame plates in the vm esxi and define one for each vm, thus using one plate in each vm? would have any configuration problem?