asus supercomputer mobo with cuda support ?

I will use video editing on a computer for professional purposes I am prepared.
i will use adobe premiere pro and nvidia quadro cx graphic card.

The cost of the computer does not pose a problem for me
I want to have a good performance of the computer
i dont want to do overclocking. because i want a cold components.

motherboard :
My first choice was asus P6T7 WS SuperComputer.…&templete=2

I will use a single graphics card. Does an extra advantage of this motherboard supports cuda than another motherboards(for example asus Rampage II Extreme)?

Let me choose which motherboard ?

other parts :

may you inform me ?

QUOTE (apaehler @ Aug 30 2009, 12:56 PM)

The Asus P6T7 is probably overkill for your intended purposes.

I do not think so @apaehler.
i want to buy best mobo.
this 's my question…
which one is better for me or which one the best ?
asus supercomputer or Rampage II Extreme ?

not this !!!
“which mobo enough for me ?”