Bad CRC in fw_peintenv on TX2 SDK 32.4.3

hello anupam.kumar,

when the system is flashed, the region of eMMC that could/does hold the U-Boot environment is not written.
this is why U-Boot prints “Warning: Bad CRC, using default environment”.

because of this, U-Boot uses a default environment that’s built into the U-Boot binary;
this will also cause fw_printenv to fail to read the environment from eMMC, since there is none stored there.

please try below if you want to write the environment to eMMC,

  1. Power on/reboot the system
  2. Wait for U-Boot to run
  3. Interrupt the U-Boot boot process
  4. In U-Boot, run “env default -f -a; saveenv”

after that,
the environment will be saved in eMMC, so (1) U-Boot will read the environment from eMMC when booting instead of using its built-in default copy, (2) fw_printenv should be able to read the environment from eMMC.

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