Beginner question about CUDA

I’m learning more about gpgpu recently and found cuda amazing, but still have some doubts about how and when to use it.

I’ve made a toy project to create a full text search from scratch in c, so far, so good, works well and have very good precision. Now i want to handle a very large set of data and my system starts to get slow, there is some things that i can do to improve, but, don’t gonna solve the whole scenario.

GPGPU can be applied to full text search? Didn’t found anything solid about this.

What kind of text search? Two random online examples:
Zhang, Yongpeng, et al. “GPU-accelerated text mining.” Workshop on exploiting parallelism using GPUs and other hardware-assisted methods. 2009.
Onsjo, Mikael, Yoshinori Aono, and O. Watanabe. “Online approximate string matching with CUDA.” 2009-12-18]. http: //pds13. egloos. com/pds/2009 07/26/57/pattmatch-report. pdf (2009).

thanks njuffa, gonna read this papers.

My engine is a full text search but i don’t use tf-idf, it’s a simpler and more focused algorithm to work with structured data, something like Algolia (

If you know what you are looking for, you can identify relevant literature with ease by using Google Scholar ( Getting access to those papers may be a different story, as not everything is available online for free, and some good papers may be behind a paywall.