Benchmarking NVIDIA Spectrum-X for AI Network Performance, Now Available from Supermicro

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NVIDIA Spectrum-X is swiftly gaining traction as the leading networking platform tailored for AI in hyperscale cloud infrastructures. Spectrum-X networking technologies help enterprise customers accelerate generative AI workloads. NVIDIA announced significant OEM adoption of the platform in a November 2023 press release, along with an update on the NVIDIA Israel-1 Supercomputer powered by Spectrum-X.  NVIDIA…

how to understand the noise in Figure 3 ?

Thanks for reading and posting! In practice, noise on an AI could be generated from a wide variety of data center workloads, including AI and non-AI workloads. In this test scenario from figure 3, the noise was created by RDMA-based primitives communicating simultaneously to the LLM training workload on the Spectrum-X infrastructure.