besides the onboard storage, are there any differences between the nano devkit module and the production module?

I am considering creating my own carrier board for a project to access more features of the jetson nano, but I am nowhere near capable of ordering 1000 production jetson modules, so I would like to know if the module from the developer kit supports all of the same features that the production one does.

Hi colec518,

All same features except the production with eMMC added, the reference 3448-0020 is Jetson Nano production module, see


Do those sd/eMMC signals on Jetson Nano production module being routed to it’s internal eMMC chip? In another word, those signals will not be available for external usage on Jetson Nano production module?

Production module uses one SDMMC interface for on-module eMMC (SDMMC4 on Tegra) and brings one to the connector pins for SD Card or SDIO use