Best Way to Change Boot Arguments on Xavier?

I have a Jetson Xavier recently flashed with JetPack 4.3 through the NVIDIA SDManager. I was wondering how one would go about making a change, for example: setting “pcie_aspm=off” or setting “usbcore.usbfs_memory_mb=1000”?

The most universal way to do this is to edit the device tree. The “chosen->bootargs” node contains a space-delimited set of arguments which go to the kernel. This is in the device tree because some arguments are used in boot stages prior to the Linux kernel.

I’m pretty new too this, how would you go about editing the device tree like this?


You could

method 1. Add the kernel command line in /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf
method 2. Add the parameter in p2972-0000.conf.common “CMDLINE_ADD” and re-flash your board
method 3. Use "-C " in to flash your board.

Do any of these methods differ from one another, other than how they are implemented?
It would seem that “method 1. Add the kernel command line in /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf” is the easiest/quickest?

For R32.3.1 it looks like extlinux.conf would indeed be the easiest method. In prior releases CBoot did not have the ability to read that file, but since CBoot now understands ext4, this becomes a simple file edit. You’d append a space and "pcie_aspm=off” or “usbcore.usbfs_memory_mb=1000” to the end of the APPEND key/value pair.

So I have tried method 1, but this method does not seem to work. I add my parameter isolcpus=5,6,7 and reboot. Checking command line in /proc and my new argument is not there…

Do I really have to reflash just to change the kernel boot arguments?

This would be pretty horrible if so…

R32.2.0 installed


I remember rel32.2 was not yet supported extlinux so method 1 not supported