Black spots on eye

I have CC4 Camilla here, in the rendering I get sometimes black spots on eye:

Here is the next frame, with out it:

Here is a video about this:

It happens at my local A6000 and also at multi GPU setup.

If some nvidia / reallusion expert could check this out, I would love to send the usd scene as PM.

Hello @pekka.varis! I reached out to the Reallusion Team for some assistance.

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hi @pekka.varis can you send us the project to repeat this issue?

Yes, I sent a link to you as PM.
You can see it only in rendered dtuff, please use path traced and it´s very short moments as you see from my video…

I hope you can repeat this!

Hi Pekka,
I got your project, I hide the hair and cloth,
but the project is still too heavy for my machine to RUN (2080ti, it was too expensive to buy I 30 series card last year)
so I need to hide head skin also, I render from 270 to 750 frame, in PT
but I couldn’t see the black spot

But it looks like an old defect related to “shadow terminator fix” and shadow bias
but differs, you mention the black spots only happens at some frames, not always


Could you help to try
(1) delete eye tearline, and EyeOcclusion mesh, see if problem occurs because of these 2 meshes
(2) try disable shadow terminator fix on CC_Base_Eye Mesh ?

sorry, Pekka this one was too hard for me, I may need some help from the NV experts if the above 2 didn’t help

  1. deleted eye tearline, and EyeOcclusion mesh, no help:

Now I test the other way, 2.

It is there still, even with shadow terminator fix disabled CC_Base_Eye Mesh.

Maybe Nvidia worker with powerful enough GPU could please take the scene and look at it? Thank you @weienchen you have been so helpful with many mane cases!