Blender 3.6.0 Alpha v200.0 Now on Launcher!

We are excited to announce that the latest release of Blender is on the Omniverse Launcher! The biggest feature in this release is the first release of the Nucleus Connector Add-on, allowing Blender users in Omniverse to read and write directly to Nucleus servers.


New Features:

  • New Nucleus Connector addon, to support Nucleus import and export. (OM-63869)
  • Use the USD asset resolver to read and write assets, to support file identifiers with Omniverse URIs.
  • Support importing textures from USDZ archives. (OM-53211)
  • New Import All Materials USD import option. (OM-51801)
  • UX change for import/export options, with collapsible panels. (OM-82759)
  • Audio2Face Add-on: import JSON or USDA animation clips exported from Audio2Face. (OM-76061)
  • Audio2Face Add-on: New “vertex vomit” fixer button to ensure only face points move when importing shapes. (OM-83549)
  • Scene Optimization panel: option to merge selected meshes on export. (OM-78777)
  • Specify Kind on USD export. (OM-50914)
  • USD libraries are now dynamically linked.
  • USD Python API support.
  • Merge Blender 3.6 main branch changes (up to commit 1b96dd53 of Feb 21, 2023).


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed error in Sun light angle export (OM-85956)
  • Scene Optimization panel: various edge case bug fixes related to selection and mode.
  • Fix crash when importing empty USD blendshapes. (OM-77772)
  • Fix error exporting mesh for USD blendshapes. (OM-77345)
  • Apply Subdiv USD export toggle has no effect. (OM-67705)
  • Support multiple Path Mask entries. (OM-73914)
  • Fix random crash on UMM import in event notification code. (OM-76698)
  • Not freed memory error on USD export. (OM-77298)
  • Export camera attributes in tenths of scene units. (OM-50235)
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thanks, just wanted to confirm, if i am not mistaken, this is windows only.
is it possible to download this for linux ?? some graphicall builds area? thanks in adv.

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I have same question with @lalamax3d . I cannot find it on the Linux Omniverse Launcher. Is it available only on Nucleus ? Or Windows only?

@yunchaoyang @lalamax3d maybe this post will help address your question.

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