Blue speckles after resume from sleep

I’m not sure if this is hardware or software related but it started when I got my GTX 970. Everything is fine after a fresh boot (or reboot) but after I resume my system from sleep I soon start getting little blue speckles all over the screen. It eventually gets so bad blue lines start flashing as well.

It looks very similar to when you overclock a videocard’s memory too far… It’s not the large texture tearing of a core overclock but very similar to memory artifacts (if that makes any sense). A reboot makes it go away.

I’ve been playing a lot of Wasteland 2 recently and the issues starts very quickly when playing a game after resume. Quitting the game does not help and at the desktop I still see the artifacts.

Could it be the driver not upping the voltage to where it should be after resume? A hardware issue? Something else?

Anyone else see this? My system is:

Linux Mint 17 (64 bit)
Gigabyte GTX 970
12 Mb memory
750 Watt power supply
346.16 driver