Bluefield 1st gen BSP source or release

Hello, I am looking for the files that were linked from DPDK docs located at - especially the toolchain/os/drivers.

Is there somewhere an archive of such legacy source code and binary releases?

The board at my disposal is MBF1H206A-ESNAN, which implies 1st gen of BF.

I would like to revive it in our lab, with a fresh and up to date Gentoo build.

Unfortunately, the documentation/software/code of the BF-1 is no longer available on the official website.
Here is the BlueField documentation and SDK. It all starts with BF2.


I see. So what are our options with the BF-1 hardware?

Could the required and relevant files shared as-is, without official support to be provided further to such one time release? We really miss an archive / archival versions of docs/software for mature products.

Or the only way is to wait until a good Samaritan who has the same system would share his copy to me?