Boosting Inline Packet Processing Using DPDK and GPUdev with GPUs

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Inline processing of network packets using GPUs is a packet analysis technique useful to a number of different applications.

This was a really interesting article. Looking at the DPDK links I noticed the only supported cards the driver supports are V100/A100 Tesla class GPU’s. Would there be any intention to change this in the future to lower spec Quadro cards? Also is this technique specific to infiniband or can it be used for vanilla Ethernet too?

I recently extended the support for more GPUs dpdk/devices.h at main · DPDK/dpdk · GitHub if your Tesla or Quadro GPU is not there please let me know and I will add it.
You can use whatever card supports GPUDirect RDMA to receive packets in GPU memory but so far this solution has been tested with ConnectX cards only.

Great - my card (A4000) is there now - thanks! I’m intending to test this with a ConnectX-5 NIC to process ethernet packets. One more question - is a multi GPU setup required for this - I am assuming for persistent kernels this is a requirement, but how about for method 4 ? I would like to try a dev setup with the A4000 card as both my display device and a packet processor.