Build OpenCV Python wheel with CUDA support (Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit)

Hi everyone,

Since quite some time I’ve been struggling in creating a Python wheel for OpenCV with CUDA and cuDNN enabled. I successfully built it from source, but as I mentioned what I want now is an actual .whl file.

I’ve been trying to use what is explained here, both with pip3 wheel . --verbose and python3 bdist_wheel within a virtual environment. As a matter of fact, here is the output of the command pip wheel . --verbose.

My board has installed:

  • Jetpack 5.1.2 [L4T 35.4.1]
  • CUDA 11.4.315
  • cuDNN
  • Python 3.8.10

Has anyone managed to create a wheel file? Is there any other way I could do so?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @raffaele.viterbo96 ,
I believe you may try getting better assistance on Issues · opencv/opencv-python · GitHub Forum.


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