C++ Extension with Kit 103.5

I am trying to make my own C++ extension with Kit 103.5. I try to build and enable the hello_world extension provided here: kit-extension-template-cpp/HelloWorldExtension.cpp at main · NVIDIA-Omniverse/kit-extension-template-cpp · GitHub

It works fine in Create (v2022.3.1), but it crashes the entire app in Create XR (v2022.2.0-rel.1). I tried building from scratch in a custom Kit App (v103.5). It builds fine, but it crashes the app when enabled. When it crashes, it points to this part of the code:

CARB_PLUGIN_IMPL(pluginImplDesc, omni::example::cpp::hello_world::ExampleCppHelloWorldExtension)

With error:


I need to get this working with Kit 103.5 (since I need to use Create XR’s VR extensions). Any suggestions?

Hi @dvelazco. Welcome to the forums! Please consider joining the develop community on Discord too: NVIDIA Omniverse.

I’m pretty sure that Kit 104+ is required for the cpp extension template, but I’ll confirm with the dev team.

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So yeah, officially we started supporting the cpp templates with Kit 104+ in mind. You could try a couple of things:

  1. You can try changing the version of the kit-sdk dependency: Update to use Kit 104.2 · NVIDIA-Omniverse/kit-extension-template-cpp@68ac59f · GitHub
  2. If that doesn’t work, you could try rolling back the repo to a pre-release commit that uses Kit 103.5 since we may have needed to apply certain fixes to repo depending on the Kit version.

Let me see if that works :)

My issue was with the Kit App configuration. The hello_world extension from the repo works just fine as is. I had the wrong configuration for my kit app where the wrong version of carb_sdk_plugins was being used. Once that was corrected, the C++ extensions built fine. Thanks!

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