Camera spinning around bug

Hello, I created vehicle and add drone camera. After that I start Recorder->Record Selection. After record I hit the play button and select my view through Drone camera. For some reason Drone camera sometimes really fast spinning around - it looks for me like a bug. When I look through other cameras, its fine.

Is there some way to fix that Drone camera? Or…Am I able to code my own Drone camera and add it to my scene?

Hi pouzuvatel,
Thanks for letting us know about this. It sounds like a bug yes. I can try to recreate it here, but it would be great if you have the ability to show up via a video capture.

Hello, thanks for reply. Here is link to my captured video…I started from blank project: 2023-01-19 18-08-40

Allright I know whats going on. Im reading usda code of that camera. It looks like when Z axis flips from negative to positive values (or pos to neg) camera will flip and next frame is again allright.

Ah I see. Very clever of you to figure that out. Yes a slight bug for sure. I will file a dev ticket straight away. Thank you so much for your detailed observation. I will post with updates when I get them.