Camera Suggestions

I’ve helped previously with giving suggestions on cameras for the Jetson platforms, however still have one camera spec I’ve never been able to find that I’ve had a few people ask me for so I thought I’d reach out to you, the expert community, and ask.

Does anyone know of a USB 2.0 compatible, global shutter camera? Rolling shutter seems to be no issue, but global + USB 2 is a rare unicorn! Any links or suggestions would be appreciated.

See3CAM_10CUG & See3CAM_11CUG is a 1.3 MP Custom Lens CMOS USB 3.0 Global Shutter Camera. See3CAM_10CUG/See3CAM_11CUG is also backward compatible with USB 2.0 host ports and does not require any special camera drivers.

You can also find the Rolling shutter camera from the below mentioned link:

Please have a look at our new Global Shutter cameras

e-CAM24_CUNX: Global Shutter Camera for NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX/NVIDIA® Jetson Nano™

See3CAM_24CUG: AR0234CS, Full HD, 120FPS, USB3 Global Shutter Camera