Can I train googlenet network on jetson nano

Can I train googlenet network on jetson nano? If I can train googlenet on jetson nano,can googlenet on jetson nano run with camera detection?

Hi @andy8902, it is recommended to train ResNet-18 instead, it’s a newer neural network architecture than Googlenet and has has better accuracy.

You can see how to do it with PyTorch here:

Hello,can I train googlenet on DIGIT workflow? Then,can I use camera to dectect object?

Thought it recommandes to train Resnet-18 ,can I train googlenet network on jetson nano?

I haven’t tested it, but googlenet is one of the alternate DNN architectures available in the PyTorch script from jetson-inference.

I am curious, why rather spend time training googlenet than ResNet-18?

Because I am a master student, I said to my professor I research network was googlenet.I am writing paper, I am afraid my experiment and speech test have problem.When I use googlenet in the pytorch from jetson-inference, how can I use it to detect object with camera?

The googlenet can train in the pytorch from jetson-inference. I sucessfully train it.