Can i use nvcompositor?


i use deepstream 5.0, i’m trying to make 3 video mixer
one of them will pass the nvinfer, the others will bypass

before i use nvcompositor i used nvmultitiler but i can’t put video where i want in the mixed video. because nvmultitiler does not support custom-config now

so i find nvcompositor on the document it can help me put the video where i want
but when i use a nvvompositor it is faild(segmentation fault-core dumped)

i use v4l2src and mux config(live-source=1)
can i use it for my task??

No, nvcompositor is not a DeepStream plugin, it can not be used together with nvinfer path.

how about after demux?
i mean mux! infer!osd!demux!compositer

is it possible?

nvdsosd can not be used before nvstreamdemux

Thanks for reply

so can i do mux ! infer ! demux! compositer?

You may have a try. Since nvcompositor is not deepstream plugin, it may not work with some deepstream plugins.