Can I use RPC to control the IsaacSim stage?

Can I use some sort of remote procedure calls to create and edit primitives in a scene? I would also want to get rendered images back from each camera I make. Is that possible?

Hi Parrotdora,

By remote, do you mean you want to through python and go headless, or you want to run remote client?


I would like to run a remote client. I’ve seen some sort of RPC server in the ISAAC code and I was wondering whether such a server is being run.

Is this what you ate looking for: Native Workstation Deployment — Omniverse Robotics documentation

Im looking for a python api that would let me interact with the stage remotely without ssh

There is no direct RPC server in Isaac Sim, you can run your own via python and either serialize/deserialize omni.kit.commands
you can interface with the scripting API (used by the built in script editor) to execute python code from a string

You can also interface with a nucleus server directly and interact with a USD stage

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