Can I use VSCode as IDE instead of Nsight Eclipse as IDE?

I am running Jetpack 4.4 and CUDA 10.2 on my Xavier AGX. I cannot find the Nsight executable under CUDA, may i know if I can use other IDE tool such as VScode for CUDA programming?

if yes, can you provide the guideline how to configure the plugin setup. thank you.

Hi Paul,
Yes you can use vscode to develop you hardware device, just by treating the hardware device as a remote linux server. What you need to do is to configure the Remote Development in your vscode.
1. On the server(hardware device) you need to install openssh-server by using sudo apt-get install openssh-server.
2. On the client(host os) you need to install openssh-client OR openssh-clients by using sudo apt-get install openssh-client.
3. In the vscode you need to install the Remote Development plugin.
4. Then press ctrl+shift+p open the setting Remote-SSH-Settings, and check Remote.SSH:Show Login Terminalto True.
5. There should be a green button in the left-buttom corner of vscode, please click it and select Remote-SSH:Connect to Host->Configure SSH Hosts to default.
6. Please enter your Host(server host name), HostName(Server IP) and User(server user name) and Store it with Ctrl+S.
7. Restart the vscode, enter the password, and you could find that the remote connection is successful.
8. Finally you should configure the remote compiler in vscode in three file, namely tasks.json, settings.json, launch.json. The solution could be found in anywhere on the website.