Can ORIN NANO 8GB debug port be a normal UART port?

As title shows :Can ORIN NANO 8GB debug port be a normal UART port?My custom board use UART2 to control a MCU(STM32),but it can’t work.Someone tell me it can only use as a debug port,and can’t be a normal UART port.Really?

Hi g_shilong,

Have you tried to use UART1(/dev/ttyTHS0) to communicate with your MCU?

To make a debug UART as normal UART.
It can be done with the following 2 parts.

  1. Disable combined UART
  2. Enable it as normal UART

You could refer to the following thread for this.
Repurpose Debug UART for 'normal' comms on Xavier NX - #6 by JerryChang

It could be done through modifying the device tree and related files,
but it has not been verified from us and we could not guarantee the performance with this use case.

Yes,I tried,and UART1 can work.I have no time to verify modifying the device tree recently.Thank you!

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