cannot find -lcuda

Hi, normally I just use OpenACC on my machine but I wanted to add some CUDA. When I tried to compile one of the programs that comes with the installation, I get

ben@birdsall:~$ make deviceQuery
pgfortran -fast -o deviceQuery deviceQuery.cuf
/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lcuda
make: *** [deviceQuery] Error 2


Hi Brush,

In the 13.1 release we added the CUDA driver library (-lcuda) to the link, but decided that it wasn’t necessary for the build and caused problems for folks who were building on systems without the CUDA driver installed. Hence, in 13.6 we removed it from the link.

I’m assuming you’re using a release 13.1 - 13.5? If so, the work around is to install the CUDA Drivers (

Best Regards,