Cannot move Turtlebot3 in Isaac Sim


I just completed the tutorial steps in “7.1.2. Driving TurtleBot via ROS messages — Omniverse IsaacSim latest documentation

However, when I click the play button, I get the following warning message:

“PhysX warning: Cooking::cookConvexMesh: GPU-compatible convex hull could not be built because of oblong shape. Will fall back to CPU collision, particles and deformables will not collide with this mesh!, FILE /buildAgent/work/eb2f45c4acc808a0/physx/source/geomutils/src/cooking/GuCookingConvexMesh.cpp, LINE 124”

The Turtlebot3 is not moving even if I publish cmd_vel in the Ubuntu terminal.
Can anyone please help me with my issue?

My dev environment is:
Ubuntu 2020, IsaacSim 2023.1.1, miniconda, and ROS noetic