Cannot use VILA on jetson-containers

I cannot use VILA on jetson-containers, as like NanoVLM, or Live LLaVA.
Are there anything wrong when using VILA on jetson-containers?
At previous time (as yesterday), it worked fine.

For example, I execute NanoVLM following tutorial, an error is showed as below.

$ jetson-containers run $(autotag nano_llm)
python3 -m --api=mlc
–model Efficient-Large-Model/VILA1.5-3b
–max-context-len 256
–max-new-tokens 32

vila_error_0.txt (3.2 KB)

This error (… /data/models/mlc/dist/VILA1.5-3b-ctx256 ’ returned non-zero exit status 1) is also showed when running Live LLaVA.

Then, I tried other models, VILA1.5-3b, and liuhaotian/llava-v1.5-7b.
When with VILA1.5-3b, an error (Repository Not Found for url: was occurred.

$ jetson-containers run $(autotag nano_llm)
python3 -m --api=mlc
–model VILA1.5-3b
–max-context-len 256
–max-new-tokens 32

vila_error_1.txt (3.1 KB)

And with llava-v1.5-7b, it worked fine.

$ jetson-containers run $(autotag nano_llm)
python3 -m --api=mlc
–model liuhaotian/llava-v1.5-7b
–max-context-len 256
–max-new-tokens 32

Please give some information to improve it.

Best regards,

Hi @masaki_yamagishi, perhaps it was some temporary network issue or corruption - the correct model name/repo should be Efficient-Large-Model/VILA1.5-3b

If you had used previous version of VILA but not updated your NanoLLM container, please do a docker pull $(autotag nano_llm) (it required code updates to support VILA-1.5)

You might also try deleting/re-downloading your VILA-1.5 model under jetson-containers/data/models/huggingface

Hi, @dusty_nv

Thank you for your dedicated reply.
I can use Efficient-Large-Model/VILA1.5-3b today.
So that might be temporary network issue.

And I understood how update VILA network.

Thank you for your support.

WebUI of NanoDB is still disappeared when running Live LLaVA as below.
If you can, please help me.

OK great, glad to hear that you got VILA-1.5 working @masaki_yamagishi! We will tackle the NanoDB issue you have next!

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