Can't connect to new SN2010 via console cable

Hi, I have a new SN2010 and trying to connect via console cable. Have tried putty and tera using 115200 / 8 / 1 / none /none settings as per instructions in box. I cannot get a connection. I have tested the cabling/COM port on a ProCurve switch and everything works on that.

Also tried DHCP connection. I can see an ip is assigned ( but when I try and connect to I get an error saying connection refused. Have tried Edge and Chrome.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Are you using the same console cable that came with the switch?
How did you see that an IP was assigned to the switch mgmt0 port ? in the dhcp server logs?
ssh works?


If you still are running into problems, please open a support case by following instructions at this link: