Can't run numbapro


I’m new here and I really tryed to solve my problem looking out in the web but this has surpassed me. I was working in my thesis with spyder and now i need to use the CUDA capabilities to use the gpu.

I have done everything that was on the Nvidia web, I have installed anaconda and everything but when i open spyder and try to run a code that is in the python introduction video on NVIDIA’s web, I just get an error saying that the numbapro module is not found.

I will really apreciate if someone could help me with this, the clock is ticking and i’m running out of time. I know that this should be a minor problem but i really don’t have enough expertise to solve it by my own.

This is kind of my last resource so i hope someone could help me.


Have you tried getting help from the NumbaPro cummunity?