card for GPU pass through

I’m using HPz840 machine with NVIDIA Quadro 5000 graphics card with win-10 OS. Now i want to run a 3D application on win-XP VM (where Win-XP VM will be running on my Win-10 OS).
Note: Win-10 host OS and Win-XP guest OS will be running in same standalone machine, I’m not floowing any client server architecture.

To run my 3D application on win-xp VM , i’ll require GPU capabilities of host machine or looking for GPU pass through.
could you please answer my below queries ?

  1. which Graphics card is best suitable for GPU pass through for my virtualization ?
  2. which VDI manager / VDI tool (ex: citrix, Xen etc) is best suited for my 3D application, which will allow to access GPU capabilities of my host machine.

I’m new to virtualization. Please help me with my queries.
Any extra information which will help my investigation would be appreciated.


This forum is about GRID. So what you are trying to achieve is far away from professional virtualization and I cannot give you any useful recommendation.